NCLEX Score Transfer: Application Process

Prior to submitting the requirements, please contact the Board of Nursing (BON) where you took the NCLEX and ensure that the BON participates in the electronic transfer. If the BON does not participate in electronic transfer, then the NMI BON will not be able to process your application. Candidates who have applied and/or who will … Continue reading NCLEX Score Transfer: Application Process

New Schedule Fees

Advanced Practice registered Nurse (aprn) Initial / Endorsement Fee$200Renewal Fee$140Late Renewal Fee$160Reinstatement Fee$200 registered Nurse (rn) Initial License Fee$150Examination Fee$150Re-Examination Fee$150Endorsement Fee$150Renewal Fee$100Late Renewal Fee$120 Nclex score transfer Application Fee$130 Licensed practical nurse (lpn) Initial License Fee$150Examination Fee$150Re-Examination Fee$150Renewal Fee$100Late Renewal Fee$120 Certified technician (ct) Initial License Fee$50Renewal Fee$40Late Renewal Fee$50Reinstatement Fee$150 Certified nursing assistant … Continue reading New Schedule Fees