NCLEX Score Transfer: Application Process

Prior to submitting the requirements, please contact the Board of Nursing (BON) where you took the NCLEX and ensure that the BON participates in the electronic transfer. If the BON does not participate in electronic transfer, then the NMI BON will not be able to process your application.

Candidates who have applied and/or who will be applying for the NCLEX Score Transfer with the NMI Board of Nursing (NMI BON) must contact their original board (the board where he/she originally passed the NCLEX).

The original state Board must initiate the process of the NCLEX Score Transfer. 

Below is the process for the NCLEX Score Transfer:

  • The original member board provides the Examination (NCLEX) department with a formal request for the transfer from the candidate (letter), which is addressed and sent to the Board to which he/she desires to transfer
  • The letter must include the candidate identification information such as full name, birth date and NCLEX Candidate ID number. This letter must be signed by the candidate (a sample template is available from NCSBN upon request).
  • Once NSCBN has received the request, the Operations team will be in contact with both the candidate’s desired board of nursing for approval to proceed with the transfer. Should the transfer be approved, the candidate’s result would be sent to the candidate’s desired board and updated in the NCLEX Administration website.

If an applicant still chooses to apply for the NCLEX score transfer with the NMI BON, he/she will still need to comply with the requirements provided on our website.